iPhone India Edition will be quite Spicy

. Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Blogger Mutiny visualized that Apple's iPhone India edition will be quite a hit with Bollywood Hot actress Mallika Sherawat picture on the screen and it will have spicy features, described below:

(The Picture - iPhone India edition from Mutiny.in)

Special Features:
Miss-call Management Service Integrated allows you to make calls to friends without giving them a milli-second to pick up your call.

Irritating Ringtone Killer allows you drain the battery of the offending phones in your area.

Misleading Voice Message Generator plays auto generated voice messages to your boss/parents/wife leading them to think that your phone is busy or out of coverage area.

Gutter & Pothole Manouevering System gives you updated reports on the size, depth and physical state of gutters and potholes on your way to work.

Emergency Feign Death Mode is activated automatically once a user in your STL (Suspicious Tresspasser List) like your dad or mom attempts to access the recent call history or some private folders.

Replace Current Wallpaper with Wife’s Photo mode is well, self-explanatory.

Bulk Conversion of all Pirated Windows Softwares is included considering public demand.

Nokia N76 launched in India, Pictures, Review, Features


Nokia gives us the feel of folded phone in N-series for the first time in the form of N76.

One of the slimmest phones from Nokia, Nokia N76 is a Multimedia mobile phone with fold design and sleek body.

Nokia N76 Features include:

  • 2.4" QVGA TFT color displays (240 x 320 pixels ) with up to 16 million colors
  • 2 megapixels camera, with 1600x1200 pixels images
  • Video capture in QVGA resolution with the CIF
  • Integrated music player with equalizer and playlist feature for MP3/WAV/MIDI/AAC/eAAC/eAAC+/M4A/WMA formats
  • Upto 26 MB built-in Memory (Options to expand up to 2 GB with microSD card)
  • Email supports SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4 protocols with attachments, Chat, MMS, Picture messaging.
  • Browse the web with Mini Map, supports WAP* 2.0 xHTML/HTML multimode browser
  • Bluetooth v 2.0
  • FM Radio
  • Talk time - upto 2.75 hours
  • Battery - can standby upto 8.5 days.
  • Frequency support : Quadband

Available colors : Jet Black and Red.

FM Radio
Weight: 115 g, Volume: 70 cc

Nokia N76 price hovers around Rs.22,000, it may vary depending on the area. Some places, they get as low as Rs.18,000/-

Short Review of Nokia N76:
As you can see the pictures, without opening the fold Music player can be controlled easily. Many buyers in other countries have given thumps up to this sleek phone.

Is this Nokia's answer to sleek phones which has not been generally associated with Nokia phones?

Gmail file attachment limit increased to 20MB

. Thursday, May 24, 2007

From today it is possible to send big files using Gmail attachment. Gmail has increased file attachment limit to 20MB.

Increased attachment limit-- 20 MB!
Now you can start sharing more of those home videos, large presentations and files you just can't seem to get smaller. We have doubled the allowable attachment size to 20 MB to make your Gmail space even more useful. Learn More

Gmail Theatre Presents...
Check out the Gmail features you know and love as you have never seen them before. Gmail Theater presents an ensemble cast of engineers in Attack of the Spam, The In-Boxer, The Isle of Lost Emails, and Chat in the name of Love. Watch all the videos on YouTube.

It's a Gmail party and everyone is invited!
You can still invite your friends to enjoy Gmail's spam protection, 2.8 GB free storage and other great features, but now you can also just tell them to visit www.gmail.com and sign up without an invitation.

What not to write on blog!

. Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lately, many people are asking what not to write on blog sites. And what things must be written to encourage more visitors and to increase blog traffic. There are no hard and fast rule in writing a good blog but there are certain important thing to keep in mind while writing a blog. I put those important points below:

  1. Never copy content or blog post from other websites and blogs. If you happen to copy limit within 5 lines and put them under quote. And put the source clearly. It means 'be original' you must have a unique* content in your website.

  2. Never criticize others in your blog post without having a clear proof, if you do your blog
    site will be branded as a blog launch just to hate campaign against someone.

  3. Don't write any subject you don't know well. If you don't know well about the subject matter, first you can search around on google and other search engines.

  4. Don't just put excessive keywords - especially high paying keywords in advertisements like Google adsense, yahoo publishers and others. Lately, search engines like google, msn live and yahoo have treated such websites as spam sites and never index in their search results. If they don't do right now, perhaps they will do tomorrow.

  5. I'll add few more points later.

efluid to help your online stay most profitable

. Monday, May 21, 2007

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